ICON Composite Shear Connectors

Spillman Company is the exclusive distributor of ICON composite shear connectors in the USA and Canada. Made with glass fibers and epoxy resin, ICON transfers shear loads between the inside and outside layers of concrete while creating a thermally efficient wall panel and eliminating thermal breaks. Made in the USA.



ICON is available in two sizes: the 23 model, which works with 2″-3″ insulation, and the 34 model, designed to work with 3″-4″ insulation. The connectors work with whatever density of insulation selected to produce R-8 to R-34¬†ratings in insulated wall panels.

hole saw




The only preparation required to use the ICON connectors is drilling the insulation with a hole saw. The hole saw is fast, simple and efficient, and self-ejects the drilled foam core. It can drill through multiple insulation foam sheets at once for further labor reduction.

“Molin chose this type of wythe connector primarily for its superior structural composite action and for being thermally non-conductive; it’s the best of both worlds. ¬†Additionally, its design has lent itself to standardization for manufacturing with standard connector layouts and the ability to pre-install the ICON into the insulation, saving time on the production floor.”

-Matt Westgaard, VP of Manufacturing, Molin Concrete Products

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