William and Barbara Coons


For nearly 70 years, Spillman Company has been a leader in the development of products for the manufactured concrete products industry.

Spillman Company was founded in 1948 by Robert L. Spillman.  Bob was known as a tinkerer and manufactured small forms and dry tamp machines for home products.  In those early years, the company specialized in splash blocks, parking curbs, stepping stones, lintel machines, and other dry cast machine products.  In December of 1957, William and Barbara Coons purchased the company.  In 1958, the Coonses issued our first catalog, incorporating additional products such as burial vaults, steps, septic tanks and dry wells to accommodate the expanding precast market and demand for larger products.

As the company grew, the demand for more space resulted in the construction of a factory and office of 14,000 square feet in the fall of 1961.  This addition allowed Spillman Company to enter the market for precast architectural specialty forms. In 1968 the company again expanded its manufacturing space to a total of 24,000 square feet.  During this time, the largest panel form produced was 55’ long x 8’8” wide x 1’ deep.

The 1970s brought dynamic and tragic changes to Spillman Company.  In late 1971, William Coons was stricken with a severe heart attack and died.  Just 7 years later, Barbara succumbed to the long-term effects of cancer.  Their eldest son Ted joined the company full time in the spring of 1972, and has held numerous positions within the company since that time.  Having served as President in 1977, he was elected Chairman of the Board and CEO in 2003.

Professionally, Spillman Company continued to develop new markets and products.  Utility vaults, catch basins, and large drainage structures were added for the underground markets. Building on more than fifteen years of experience in architectural precast, Spillman began producing self-stressing and free-standing structural forming products, including beams, columns, tees, piles, flat slabs and spandrels.

Over the last few years, forming projects have included a wide variety of long-line self-stressing beds, tilt tables as large as 16’ x 45’, utility vaults up to 24’ x 8’, median barriers, traffic barriers, retaining walls, battery molds, and soundwall forms.  Spillman has continued to grow in many ways, and to accommodate our changing needs, we added a 7,800 square foot facility for manufacturing and painting in the fall of 2015. This new high bay building provides more than 18’ under the hook, has four 10 ton hoists across two bays, and allows us to easily ship our widest and tallest loads.

In 2018, we will celebrate Spillman’s 70th anniversary.